FEC Compliance
FEC Compliance
I've been involved in party politics and campaigns for 25 years. I've also served as Treasurer of a number of committees. Political CFOs' work is very professional and their responsiveness is unparalleled.

– Bobby Kahn, Chair, Democratic Party of Georgia, 2004-2007

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Political CFOs’ clients have included many statewide candidates, state Democratic Party Committees, Political Action Committees, and candidates for the U.S. House and Senate. Some of the campaigns and organizations that have benefited from Political CFO’s process are:

National Races
  • Campaign for Change/Obama for America
  • Bob Graham for President
Statewide Races
  • Jim Webb for U.S. Senate (VA)
  • Jon Bowerbank for Lt. Governor (VA)
  • The Governor Gray Davis Committee (CA)
  • Taylor for One Georgia Committee (GA)
  • Halter for Arkansas (AR)
  • Janet Reno for Florida Governor (FL)
  • Friends of John Carney (DE)
Congressional Races
  • Gerry Connolly for Congress (VA)
  • Joe Sestak for Congress (PA)
  • Phyllis Buzansky for Congress (FL)
  • Mike Callaghan for Congress (WV)
  • Christine Jennings for Congress (FL)
State Party Committees
  • The Colorado Democratic Party
  • The Democratic Party of Georgia
  • The Iowa Democratic Party
  • The Indiana Democratic Party
  • The North Dakota Democratic – NPL Party
  • The Missouri Democratic Party
  • The Montana Democratic Party
  • The Oklahoma Democratic Party
  • The South Carolina Democratic Party
  • The Democratic Party of Virginia
PACS and State Legislative Candidates
  • 21st Century Democrats
  • Leadership for VA’s Future
  • Adam Ebbin for Delegate (VA)
  • Brian Moran for Delegate (VA)
  • Grassroots Democrats
FEC Compliance

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