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I've been involved in party politics and campaigns for 25 years. I've also served as Treasurer of a number of committees. Political CFOs' work is very professional and their responsiveness is unparalleled.

– Bobby Kahn, Chair, Democratic Party of Georgia, 2004-2007

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In today’s increasingly complex field of campaign finance and compliance, political committees have begun to seek professional assistance and to outsource their compliance and financial oversight needs. Political CFOs, Inc. has developed a unique, innovative and professionalized process to meet the needs of virtually any political organization.

Whether your organization is a statewide campaign for US Senate or a local race for school board, Political CFOs, Inc. can tailor a comprehensive financial oversight package to meet your specific needs, yet still ensure your committee remains in compliance with the relevant federal or state regulations that your campaign must adhere to.


Our approach is unique because at Political CFOs, Inc. we believe there is more to compliance than just "doing your books and filing your reports." Many campaigns today raise and spend as much money as a medium sized corporation. Keeping accurate and up to date records helps you run a more effective organization. We believe that if you have accurate and up to date information at your disposal, you can make more educated decisions about how to run your committee.


At Political CFOs, Inc. we are constantly evaluating the latest technologies available, implementing those that we believe will help our clients run more effective campaigns and organizations. As a result, we are able to provide cutting edge services to our entire stable of clients.

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We believe, from the perspective of financial management, a campaign is best run like a small corporation. With this approach your political organization is able to make the quick, sound decisions necessary to run a more effective political campaign that is less likely to finish an election with huge amounts of debt.

Political CFOs’ clients have included many statewide candidates, state Democratic Party Committees, Political Action Committees, and candidates for the U.S. House and Senate.

FEC Compliance

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